Color retention

Before most shoppers purchase a perishable food product, they look for signs of freshness. Among the most influential factors on which they base their assessment of a product’s freshness is its color. In fact, the color of freshness – the pinkness of a cured ham, the redness of a package of ground beef, or the perfect green of a bell pepper – is frequently what attracts consumers’ interest in a product to begin with.

In addition to controlling pathogen outgrowth, inhibiting spoilage organisms and delaying oxidation, Corbion’s natural curing solutions deliver all the distinctive characteristics of traditionally cured meats, including flavor, texture and color. Of these attributes, color is the only one consumers can evaluate before making a purchase decision.

The same holds true in the produce section of the supermarket. That’s why Corbion provides a portfolio of natural lactic acid solutions that help defend fruits and vegetables from the enzymatic activity that begins the process of discoloration and browning in fresh produce immediately after harvest.

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Color retention

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