Acid sanding

Creating highly acidic confectionery can wow lovers of sour flavors, but it can also come with quality challenges.

 A very low pH tends to compromise stability, resulting in a sticky, unattractive product.

Corbion's lactic acid-based solutions were created with these hurdles in mind, so candy manufacturers have a simple, natural way to deliver the sourness consumers want without compromising product quality.

PURAC® Powder MA

Acid sanding, the coating of confectionery with a blend of sugar and acid powder, offers unique opportunities for developing exceptional products and differentiating confectionery brands. However, it can be difficult to achieve optimal product stability and taste, especially in sensitive aerated confectionery applications such as marshmallows. PURAC® Powder MA is a patented, non-fat-coated malic acid powder, specifically developed for acid-sanding in confectionery. On marshmallows, PURAC® Powder MA creates an instant sour taste sensation and enables producers to develop stable, high quality, and great tasting candies.

Acid sanding

Healthy foods, nuts, fish, vegetables, fruit.

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