Shelf life

Shelf respect: Protecting confectionery quality.

Acid is a necessary part of confectionery manufacturing – but it can drastically affect the long-term look and feel of your soft or hard candies.

Our solutions for confectionery help you protect quality and extend shelf life in your candy products – the natural way.

Corbion buffered acid blends and powders, based on PURAC® natural lactic acid, can help you on two fronts.


In hard candy

Our experts can assist you in choosing the right combination of PURAC acids and buffers to deliver lasting quality and shelf life in your hard confectionery product. Buffering to a specific pH allows you to create your ideal sourness while reducing the effects of sugar inversion in the continuous depositing process which compromises product shelf life. Learn more >>>


In soft candy

PURAC® buffered lactic acid is highly effective in preventing gelatin hydrolysis, so you can ensure the optimal texture, firmness, and extended stability of your soft candy.

If you're creating acid-sanded confectionery, our PURAC® powders deliver a clean, long-lasting sour taste while keeping your product dry and attractive. Find more information about our solutions for acid sanding here.

Contact us to talk about how Corbion can help you protect the quality of your candy longer, and be sure to download our brochure below.

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