Sourness solutions for confectionery

Creating highly acidic confectionery can wow lovers of sour flavors, but it can also come with quality challenges. A very low pH tends to compromise stability, resulting in a sticky, unattractive product. Corbion's lactic acid-based solutions were created with these hurdles in mind, so candy manufacturers have a simple, natural way to deliver the sourness consumers want without compromising product quality.

For instant sourness and unrivaled shelf stability, Corbion's PURAC® Powder portfolio offers more than high-quality ingredients; it also gives you the tools to create sour-panned and acid-sanded candy products with:

  • Exceptional stability, even in humid conditions

  • Quick-releasing, long-lasting sour flavors due to low acid migration

  • Uniform acid distribution with minimal dusting

  • Low moisture absorption to protect against stickiness in hard candy

  • No gelatin degradation in soft confectionery


Create tantalizing acid-sanded confectionery

Corbion's lactic acid-based powders are ideal for reducing or replacing citric acid in your candy product and providing a much milder flavor. They offer low moisture absorption, which protects against stickiness, and low acid migration, which prevents loss of sourness and extends product shelf life.

For humid climates in particular, Corbion's patented, malic-acid based PURAC® Powder MA offers a unique set of attributes that provide extremely low hygroscopicity and greater stability, with an oil-free coating that delivers a perfect acidity profile and a fresh, clean mouthfeel.


Make stand-out sour panned candy

Corbion's PURAC® Powder MA helps prevent sugar inversion in sour panned candy as well by inhibiting interactions between the core of the candy and its panning layer, so you get a better-looking product that retains its shape, smooth surface, and overall visual appeal. As mentioned above, this solution offers high stability, low hygroscopicity, low acid migration, minimal dusting, and a clean, intense, evenly distributed sour taste that releases instantly. Your sour panned candy can have a clean, fresh mouthfeel, thanks to our ingredient's oil-free coating.

In addition, our buffered lactic acid-based solutions can help you overcome common candy manufacturing challenges like sugar inversion in hard confectionery and gelatin degradation in soft candy.

Contact us to learn how our confectionery solutions can help you create the perfect sour candy innovations.

Sourness solutions for confectionery

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