Taste and texture solutions in confectionery

With Corbion's organic acid-based solutions, you can do more to enhance the taste and texture of your confectionery products. Available in both buffered acid blends and powders, the ingredients in our PURAC® portfolio are second to none. Delivering a variety of functional benefits, they provide an ideal way to reduce the amount of citric acid in your candy, or even replace it altogether while extending product shelf life.


For that perfect taste

Choosing Corbion's blended or powdered lactic acids can help you create distinctive flavor and sourness profiles that set your product apart. Using our acidification solutions, you can delight your customers' tastebuds with the type and intensity of sourness you want, balancing that flavor with other ingredients like sugar and sweeteners in a way you know they'll love.


For exceptional texture

Preventing sugar inversion, the stickiness it causes in hard candy, and maintaining optimal texture and appearance in soft confections are top priorities for most candy manufacturers. That's why, in addition to our high-quality ingredients, Corbion provides expert guidance in hydrocolloid pairing. Whether you're using pectin, starch, gelatin, or carrageenan in your product, we help ensure you have the best solution for your specific needs.


For product stability and efficient production

Our organic acid-based solutions deliver processing benefits by enhancing the stability of your formulations and even supporting drying time. For example, if you are creating extruded candy, PURAC® CLM delivers high stability and, during the acid-sanding process, helps you achieve an ideal dry appearance that gives your candy a visual advantage on store shelves.

Let us help you handle some of the most common, but important, taste and texture challenges associated with hard and soft confectionery. Get in touch, and let's create confectionery favorites together.

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Taste and texture solutions in confectionery

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