Acidification solutions for dairy

Perfecting the taste of your dairy product and regulating its pH can be a challenge. Acidification has been used as a dairy preservation technique for centuries and, at Corbion, our expertise in this area is backed by a full portfolio of natural lactic acid-based solutions designed to meet your acidification needs.

Why lactic acid? Because it has a lower pH value than acetic and citric acids, which makes it ideal for use in dairy products where a balanced, creamy taste is essential. Our PURAC® lactic acid solutions offer enhanced flavor, pH control, and effective antimicrobial activity for products that stay fresh and safe longer.

Whether you use our lactic acid solutions for direct acidification or in combination with a fermentation process, Corbion experts will make sure you achieve optimal flavor and functionality efficiently and consistently.


Controlled, effective (and natural) acidification

Our dairy acidification options include PURACAL® XPro, a calcium lactate gluconate solution that helps acidify milk drinks and give them the smooth, silky mouthfeel and neutral flavor that you want your customers to experience. PURACAL XPro delivers these gains without compromising the stability of your formulation.

To enhance dairy flavor without introducing fermentation into your process, our PURAC® lactic acid can be added directly to the dairy after processing; this helps accelerate production and results in a more microbiologically stable product. Experience the benefits of fermentation without investing time and expense in conducting the fermentation process itself – improve both production efficiency and product consistency at the same time.


To learn more about Corbion's dairy acidification capabilities, get in touch with our team. Together, we can create dairy products that create loyal customers.

Acidification solutions for dairy

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