Solutions for seafood safety and shelf life

Long production chains in today's seafood industry pose significant challenges for producers in their efforts to deliver products that will arrive on consumers' tables safe, fresh, and delicious. 

With more than 85 years of preservation and food safety expertise, Corbion can help you overcome hurdles and meet those challenges successfully.


Overcoming key challenges

When you partner with Corbion, our experts will provide the optimal solution to help you:

  • Control pathogens to ensure food safety.

  • Inhibit the growth of spoilage microorganisms.

  • Replace synthetic preservative ingredients.

  • Reduce off-odors in your seafood products.

Popular seafood products can vary widely from region to region, not only in raw materials, but in the way they are processed and packaged as well. Seafood products are, by nature, susceptible to spoilage from a wide range of bacteria, including Brochothrix, various lactic acid bacteria (LAB), and spore-formers of the Bacillus species. Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, Clostridium, and other human pathogens may also pose potential threats to consumers' health and safety.

Listeria in particular continues to be a major challenge for the industry, and is especially prevalent in smoked fish. Corbion has a proven track record and reputation for working with the industry to prevent Listeria outbreaks using a versatile family of seafood safety solutions and our advanced predictive modeling platform. The Corbion Listeria Control Model helps you quickly identify the optimal safety and shelf life solution, saving you time and money in bringing new products and formulations to market.


Flexible solutions in expert hands

Corbion's success stories span seafood products ranging from smoked salmon and surimi to trout and halibut, implementing the kind of solutions that can help protect the safety and extend the shelf life of your products, and deliver value for your customers and your business.

For every challenge you face, Corbion's experienced and knowledgeable technical teams can provide the optimal solution in the format (liquid or powder) that fits your processing needs:

Verdad® - Our range of vinegars, natural ferments, and blends can provide protection against pathogenic threats while increasing the shelf life of your products.

Opti.Form®  - Our portfolio of sodium or potassium lactates and sodium acetate blends can provide food safety protection at lower usage levels, in addition to delivering a variety of other benefits, such as spore control, sodium reduction, and flavor enhancement without negatively impacting product texture.

Solutions for seafood safety and shelf life

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