Extending shelf life in fish and seafood

In addition to ensuring the safety of your fish and seafood products, preserving what matters to your customers means prolonging all the characteristics of freshness they look forward to. Extending shelf life also helps preserve the profitability of your business by reducing product waste. But doing so requires effective solutions that protect your products against microbial threats in storage and distribution by inhibiting the growth of spoilage microorganisms that can compromise the flavor and other important product attributes like color, purge, aroma, and desirable texture.

With a reputation built largely on decades of preservation and food safety experience, the Corbion team can help you overcome freshness and shelf life challenges and more. Our practical, hands-on application know-how and dedication to ongoing research and development has given us an in-depth, sophisticated understanding of the ways ingredients interact within food matrices. That knowledge gives our partners a competitive advantage by achieving the kind of extended shelf life that improves business efficiency and makes their customers happy.


Expertise that delivers results

The optimal preservation solution must successfully balance a number of factors – including formulation, pH, and water activity in your product, and conditions in your plant – in order to create an environment that delays the growth of spoilage microorganisms. In pursuing your shelf life goals, a partner with proven expertise in preservation solutions and predictive modeling is an invaluable asset.

Drawing on a broad, robust ingredient portfolio, our deep understanding of food systems, and world-class preservation technologies, Corbion is prepared to help you meet a range of challenges that are key to the success of your products:

  • Maintaining product texture

  • Extending shelf life without compromising flavor

  • Achieving longer-lasting freshness in fish and seafood while maintaining umami flavors

  • Delivering preservation solutions effective in higher-moisture formulations

  • Reducing product purge

  • Leveraging predictive modeling to quickly find the optimal solution and increase your speed to market


The leadership advantage

One of the ways we demonstrate Corbion's leadership in preservation is by sharing knowledge with the industry through professional forums and publications. Most importantly, however, we bring that leadership to the collaborative partnerships we forge with customers. It shapes the solutions we offer you and the creative concepts we can develop together. But it doesn't stop there; our technical service experts bring their manufacturing experience and technical expertise right to your production floor when help is needed to ensure our solutions deliver the results you expect.

Extending shelf life in fish and seafood

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