Pathogen control in fish and seafood

Controlling food-borne pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes, Clostridiumor Salmonella, which threaten the integrity of fish and seafood products and the health and well-being of consumers, is a mission-critical challenge for producers. Having effective safety and preservation solutions in place is essential to protecting your brand and your customers against the harm an outbreak or recall can cause.


Protection where and when you need it

Seafood products are particularly susceptible to bacteria and microbial growth, given their high water activity and exposure to wet environments. Today's complex and often lengthy value chains exacerbate preservation challenges, as products are subjected to temperature fluctuations and prolonged transit times.

If your fish or seafood products are not immediately frozen, an antimicrobial solution is essential to safeguarding their integrity, ensuring they stay safe and fresh for consumption, and avoiding product waste. That's where Corbion's preservation expertise can make an impact for your business. We've been helping processors of animal protein products tackle food safety and spoilage challenges for more than eight decades.


A portfolio offering breadth and versatility

Corbion's years of experience and commitment to ongoing R&D have resulted in a spectrum of solutions that can help you address a variety of needs and challenges, from low-cost-in-use options to our industry-leading interventions that protect your products using label-friendly ingredients.


The right Listeria control solution for you

Whether you want to achieve food safety and prolonged freshness in your products using innovative, label-friendly ingredients or solid, more traditional solutions for economy brands, we can help you meet your requirements, protect your brand, and add valuable shelf life to your product.

Leveraging our recently enhanced predictive modeling tool, the Corbion Listeria Control Model, you can quickly identify the optimal solution for your specific product challenge, saving both time and money on challenge studies and getting your product to market faster.


Salmonella protection

Delivering a powerful bactericidal effect, lactic acid, which is produced via fermentation, is helping manufacturers fight back against Salmonella in a natural way. When combined with hot water, it eliminated Salmonella typhimurium on beef carcasses in an external validated research study. In many countries, it is approved for surface application as a process aid in carcass treatment.


Combating Clostridium

Pathogens such as Clostridium botulinum and Clostridium perfringens pose particularly significant food safety risks in seafood and fish products that are vacuum-packed, or that use modified atmosphere packaging. Our ingredient solutions address and help control Clostridium risk factors present inside food packaging to ensure your customers can safely enjoy your products at their best.

Learn more about how Corbion's food safety and preservations systems can protect your customers and your business.

Pathogen control in fish and seafood

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