Color preservation for fruit and vegetables

Discoloration in fruits and vegetables can make the difference between a product that flies off supermarket shelves and one that gets rejected and thrown away. Corbion's lactic acid-based solutions delay discoloration and browning in fresh foods without compromising the flavor of your produce.

Lactic acid, around which our PURAC® range of solutions are built, can be used to replace organic acid combinations or ascorbic acid in your products, thereby enhancing color stability - and helping to combat the damaging enzymatic activity that begins in fruits and vegetables after harvesting.

In addition to influencing purchasing decisions, the appearance of your fruit and vegetable products is a crucial aspect of your customers' eating experience. Relying on Corbion's portfolio of natural lactic acid solutions can help you be sure your products make a great first impression and deliver an eating experience consumers will want to repeat again and again. These products of fermentation allow you preserve the natural beauty and flavor of your produce, from apples and raspberries to lettuce and black olives and so much more.

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If this sounds like the solution you've been looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch and together we can find the best coloring solution for your fruit or vegetable product.

Color preservation for fruit and vegetables

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