Green solutions for produce decontamination

As consumer awareness of issues affecting both human and environmental health takes on greater urgency, greener solutions for fruit and vegetable decontamination are in high demand. While shoppers are as eager as ever to meet their own nutrition and health needs, they are increasingly interested in knowing that those needs are met without compromising the planet their children will depend on.

At Corbion, we focus on meeting today's needs with tomorrow in mind. Our PURAC® portfolio of biobased lactic acid solutions – produced using fermentation processes provided by nature – enable you to replace the chlorinated water used in standard fruit and vegetable decontamination solutions, while continuing to protect your products from harmful pathogens and enzymatic browning, so your products look and taste fresh longer.


Powerful protection by nature

The benefits of Corbion's biodegradable lactic acids are twofold, providing effective pathogen inhibition and reducing your reliance on ascorbic acid or other traditional solutions like octanoic and peroxyacetic acids, or hydrogen peroxide. More specifically, our solutions are proven to protect against Salmonella Typhimurium, Escherichia coli, and Yersinia enterocolitica species when applied as a spray disinfectant or in a wash. And in addition to protecting your freshly harvested fruit and vegetables, using PURAC® to sanitize wash water also reduces the cost of wastewater treatment and disposal.

As consumers continue looking for healthy, convenient, whole food options to improve their nutritional intake, the demand for fresh, unprocessed produce keeps on growing. Corbion's naturally derived and highly effective food decontamination solutions match both your customers' desire for safety and freshness, and the needs of your business.

Learn more about our full PURAC® portfolio and talk to one of our experts about how we can meet your fruit and vegetable decontamination needs.

Green solutions for produce decontamination

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