Health & nutrition

More than ever, consumers today are thoughtful about which foods contribute to their personal health and well-being, and which do not. This fact has played a major role in driving the development of innovative offerings, as well as the reformulation of many more established products.

Creating foods with a healthier nutritional profile, however, often involves changes in product composition that affects structure and texture, flavor and even shelf life. With our deep understanding of food science and the ways components interact within a given food matrix, Corbion can help manufacturers achieve both the nutritional profile, desirable eating qualities and product performance they envision.

Whether the goal is to enrich a beverage, confection or dairy product with added nutrients, we can make it happen without compromising key aspects of quality. If our customer wants to reduce sodium content in a meat or poultry product, a refrigerated item or a sauce or condiment, while maintaining optimal flavor, we have the ingredient technology to do it. If the aim is to create a healthier snack offering by reducing fat or acrylamide levels, we can do that, too.

See how partnering with Corbion can make all the difference in your efforts to create products that tap into consumers’ interest in better health and nutrition. Contact us for more information.

Health & nutrition

Healthy foods, nuts, fish, vegetables, fruit.

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