Meat and poultry preservation solutions

Today's meat consumers base their purchase decisions on a range of preferences and expectations. Processors must deliver on, and account for, a broad spectrum of factors and attributes, including flavor, texture, color stability, moisture content, nutritional content, cook yield, sliceability, water activity, pH, and, of course, food safety. Balancing all of these considerations in processing requires specialized knowledge and experience, and oftentimes, teamwork.


Heritage + Capabilities = Reputation

For more than 85 years, Corbion has applied its expertise in preserving meat, poultry, seafood, and, more recently, alternative meat applications. Over decades of research, innovation, and the practical application of ingredient technologies, the company has built a uniquely broad and versatile portfolio of solutions.

That work has earned Corbion its reputation as an industry leader in spoilage inhibition and pathogen control. For more than 20 years, the Corbion Listeria Control Model has set the standard for predictive modeling tools that enable our partners to quickly and accurately identify the optimal preservation solution to slow microbial growth and extend freshness in meat applications. And whether your target customers are looking for products made from label-friendly ingredients or they're happy with a more traditional approach, Corbion freshness and food safety solutions help ensure that your products deliver the taste, texture, and overall eating experience all consumers want.

Getting your formulation just right can be challenging. It requires experience and a sophisticated understanding of how ingredients interact within a food matrix under specific conditions. With Corbion on your team, you have all of that and more, including industry-leading technical service, a firm grasp of global consumer trends, and application labs and production facilities around the world.


Solutions that deliver value

Our portfolio of solutions can help you tackle some of your most significant challenges, including:

  • Curing
    Our natural curing solutions meet 'uncured' labeling requirements, while helping you achieve color stabilization, longer-lasting freshness, flavor enhancement, and more.

  • Decontamination
    Our harvest intervention solutions are the gold standard for reducing pathogenic activity at the front end of meat and poultry processing, and boosting the effectiveness of processors' overall food safety programs.

  • Freshness extension
    We help you prolong the freshness of your products by slowing oxidation and delaying rancidity, so you achieve longer shelf life and a reduction in food waste.

  • Speed to market
    Using the Corbion Listeria Control Model enables you to quickly identify the optimal preservation solution for your specific application and reduces the number of challenges studies needed, thereby saving both time and money in your product development process.

  • Food safety and preservation
    Partnering with Corbion experts, you can count on having the optimal solution to help protect your meat and poultry products, your brand, and your customers from pathogenic threats such as E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, and more.

  • Sodium reduction
    Our portfolio includes options that make it possible to reduce or eliminate sodium contribution, while protecting the aspects of product quality -- like taste and texture -- that sodium usually provides.


Meat and poultry

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