Meat harvest interventions

Corbion’s harvest intervention and decontamination solutions help you minimize pathogenic microbial loads at the front end of your supply chain, thereby increasing the overall efficacy of your food safety programs downstream.

With Corbion's long history and advanced capabilities in preservation and food safety on your side, you can successfully reduce pathogen counts, so threats to human health, such as E.coli and Salmonella, are contained throughout processing and distribution. Our solutions help ensure that your meat and poultry products are safe for consumption in local, regional, or international markets.


Lactic acid: The gold standard for fresh meat surface decontamination

Corbion's lactic acid solutions provide a naturally derived preservation system produced by fermentation. For more than 25 years, processors have depended on them to reduce pathogens and spoilage bacteria on carcasses and freshly harvested meat.

Corbion is the world's leading producer of lactic acid and its derivatives. Our global network gives you access to the right solutions in the regions where you need it most. Our technical support teams partner with you to provide the optimal solution for your specific application and to determine usage rates that will achieve the level of food safety needed to protect your business and your brand.

Naturally present in the body and in foods like cheese, yogurt, and salami for millennia, lactic acid is the most widely accepted harvest intervention tool and the only beef carcass rinse allowed by the European Union. It has long been the intervention of choice for the U.S. beef industry, helping to safeguard public health by reducing the risk of foodborne illness. As a natural antimicrobial, lactic acid has been extensively studied for its effects against pathogenic and spoilage bacteria in the lab and in commercial use.


Tackling unique challenges in poultry

Freshly harvested poultry is highly susceptible to a range of pathogens, including Salmonella, Clostridium, and Campylobacter, as well as spoilage bacteria. Processors need the right harvest intervention solution in order to minimize food-borne safety risks and to ensure longer product shelf life. Corbion experts can put their experience and microbiological expertise to work for you, providing solutions that will accomplish your poultry harvesting food safety goals. Our proven solutions for poultry applications provide effective antimicrobial protection using buffered blends of lactic acid and citric acid.


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