Freshness solutions for meat and poultry

Corbion can help you deliver the color, flavor, and aroma of freshness your customers are looking for. Our solutions help protect product freshness and extend shelf life by reducing microbial spoilage, inhibiting oxidation, improving purge and yield, and increasing color stability. Whether your target customers insist on natural, label-friendly ingredients or are happy with a more traditional approach, our freshness solutions add value and help enhance your bottom line.

When consumers shop for meat products, they look for indicators of freshness after price and value. Oxidation robs fresh ground meats and even cooked, processed meats of their fresh color and flavor, gradually resulting in unappealing colors, flavors, and odors that turn consumers away.

Protecting freshness and extending shelf life in meat and poultry applications make all the difference in the consumer's eating experience and in the market success processors and manufacturers can achieve. Ultimately, our freshness solutions also help reduce food waste, which contributes to shrinking the carbon footprint of the overall value chain.

By slowing lipid oxidation and delaying rancidity, our solutions allow your products to retain the color, aroma, taste, and texture that defines freshness for your customers. Our freshness solutions include:



Corbion's OriginTM Antioxidant solutions leverage the power of label-friendly plant extracts, such as rosemary, acerola cherry powder, or extract blends, that can be applied at higher usage levels without sensory impacts to keep your meat products looking, tasting, and smelling fresh longer.


Spoilage control

Our PURASAL® range of sodium and potassium lactate solutions extends product freshness up to 100% by reducing the growth of spoilage bacteria including lactic acid bacteria (LAB) such as Pseudomonas, Leuconostoc, and Enterobacter. In both fresh and cooked meat products, these solutions disrupt bacterial metabolism while boosting the meat's tenderness.


Verdad® label-friendly freshness solutions

Our Verdad portfolio is specifically developed to help meet consumer demand for foods that keep their freshness using recognizable ingredients. Verdad products use familiar, time-tested “kitchen cupboard” ingredients to maintain freshness longer without compromising your product's intended sensory profile.


Cost-effective shelf life extension

As commodity prices push retail meat prices upward, many consumers set their sights on products that cost less but are no less fresh. Corbion's Opti.Form® Ace is designed for such applications, providing outstanding antimicrobial activity and spoilage control for cost-effective, longer-lasting freshness.

Freshness solutions for meat and poultry

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