Sodium reduction solutions in meat

Salt – or sodium chloride – has long played a highly useful and functional role in the formulation of meat products and other foods, contributing to flavor, shelf life, and yield. It also helps improve juiciness, firmness, microbial control, and textural stability in meats. However, many consumers today want to reduce the amount of sodium in their diet, due to health concerns.

At the same time, no consumers want to sacrifice flavor or other sensory aspects in the foods they love. This challenges processors to find ways to reduce sodium content in their products without giving up the many benefits of salt.

Market standard solutions for sodium reduction include alternatives like potassium chloride, which can deliver functional benefits, but which often impart a noticeably bitter or unpleasant aftertaste. Corbion, however, has developed value-adding ingredient options that help you reduce sodium in your products while contributing a neutral flavor profile or even enhancing flavor and sensory profiles.


Reduce sodium, maintain taste

Now you can reduce sodium in meat by up to 40 percent the natural way, thanks to Corbion’s award-winning PuraQ Arome. Labeled as natural flavor, PuraQ Arome brings a salty, umami flavor profile to food products while reducing water activity.


Cut sodium with Verdad®

Our Verdad portfolio of solutions includes vinegar- and ferment-based solutions and blends that brighten flavor as they provide food safety protection to meat products. When you include these ingredients in your formulation, you can reduce sodium contribution by up to 40 percent without negatively impacting the way your product tastes.


Market-leading low-sodium solutions

Meat and poultry solutions such as our PURASAL® HiPure P, which is based on potassium lactate, give you another label-friendly way to extend shelf life while reducing sodium content in your products. In fact, we offer a range of potassium lactate solutions, all of which reduce sodium without negatively affecting flavor profiles.

Corbion technology and know-how makes it possible for you to give consumers a product that satisfies both their nutritional goals and their palates. Let us help you find the right solution for your formulation.

Sodium reduction solutions in meat

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