Reducing sodium in refrigerated foods

Salt has long been looked to as a flavor enhancer and shelf-life extender in a vast array of foods. But for years now, a growing number of health-conscious consumers have begun looking for ways to limit their sodium intake to lower their health risks. Many routinely scan nutrition panels for sodium content before choosing a refrigerated food product. 

The key to satisfying the demands of these consumers lies in the manufacturer’s ability to implement a solution that removes sodium without losing the flavor and functional benefits sodium provides. Corbion’s deep understanding of food science and the interdependencies within a food matrix helps our customers create innovative and successful reduced-sodium offerings.

Our PuraQ® Arome helps you reduce sodium content without leaving a bitter taste in the mouth like potassium chloride-based solutions can. It enables you to decrease the sodium in product formulations for sauces and other refrigerated items, while giving you the umami flavor you want as a component of your product’s overall taste. 

Find out more about our expertise and solutions portfolio can help you create superior reduced-sodium products by talking with a member of our dedicated team.

Reducing sodium in refrigerated foods

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