Sodium reduction in sauces, dressings, & condiments

Salt plays an important role in yield, flavor, and shelf life. So how can manufacturers reduce sodium content in sauces, dressings, and condiments without losing critical functionality? While traditional sodium reduction alternatives, like potassium chloride, can meet that challenge, they often leave a bitter or unpleasant flavor in consumers’ mouths.

Corbion’s PuraQ® Arome is a naturally derived flavor enhancement solution without that drawback. PuraQ® Arome NA4 helps compensate for saltiness lost when sodium content is reduced in savory products. It provides a building block for taste that helps manufacturers create the flavor profile they want without relying on expensive chemical enhancers. This solution allows you to reduce the sodium content of your products by up to 40% without spoiling the consumer’s sensory experience. 

At Corbion, our knowledge and experience makes all the difference in the results you can achieve. Our expertise lies in finding the most natural way to enhance, preserve, and protect your products, allowing you to meet consumers’ ever-evolving demands on their terms. Learn more about our sodium reduction solutions for sauces, dressings, and condiments when you talk with one of our experts. 

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