Ingredient solutions for savory snacks

Lovers of savory snacks look for specific qualities in some of their favorite products, particularly umami flavors and crunchy textures. Today, many of those same consumers also want to reduce or minimize other aspects of snack foods, like fat content, acrylamide, and unpronounceable ingredients.

Corbion offers label-friendly, biobased ingredient solutions that help snack manufacturers meet all these consumer requirements. Our flagship PURAC® portfolio of lactic acid-based ingredients offers both flavor enhancement and texture improvement in savory snacks, so your customers experience an extra crunch, snap, and taste that keeps them coming back to your product again and again.

We also help you improve health- and nutrition-related facets of your product. Our PURACAL® solution, for instance, facilitates acrylamide reduction in potato-based snacks by up to 70 percent. It also helps with fat reduction in deep-fried snack products.

Find out everything you need to know about how Corbion can help you optimize the sensory qualities of your savory snacks with consumer-friendly solutions. Contact us and let's discuss the savory snack sensation you want to create.

Ingredient solutions for savory snacks

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