Fat reduction in savory snacks

Finding healthier ways to satisfy consumers' cravings for savory snacks – and even their demand for products with less intimidating ingredient labels – is easy to do with fat reduction ingredients from Corbion's portfolio of lactic acid-based solutions. As a product of fermentation, lactic acid provides a more natural, biobased alternative for creating health-focused, label-friendly additions to your product range that your customers will come back to again and again.

Our PURACAL® products contribute calcium ions, which help prevent fat from being absorbed into the batter of deep fried products. They form a bridge between the starches and proteins in the batter, stopping water evaporation.

Also, because less fat is absorbed into your products, the amount of fat input into your process is less. That means you can produce higher volumes of reduced calorie, healthy snacks without significantly increasing your spend.

Let's talk about how Corbion's fat reduction ingredients can give your snack products an edge. Get in touch and speak to our experts today.

Fat reduction in savory snacks

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