Forests and biodiversity

Our view on and actions towards eliminating deforestation and preserving biodiversity.

Climate conscious

Humans depend on healthy ecosystems as these stabilize the climate, provide food, clean water and air, and raw materials, and protect coastlines.

Deforestation and biodiversity loss are threatening earth's capacity to maintain healthy ecosystems. Business activities can contribute to deforestation and biodiversity loss. As we source raw materials from sectors that are at risk of contributing to these issues we are committed to do as much as can to limit our negative impacts and contribute to regenerative projects.

In the fight against deforestation we are well underway with our target for verified deforestation-free key agricultural raw materials and related policies. We believe that sustainable agriculture has the potential to protect the planet, enhance the economic viability of the agricultural sector, and support the livelihoods and well-being of farmers and the communities they work in. Our vision and key principles on this front include eliminating deforestation, protecting biodiversity, stewardship of the air, soil, and water, and mitigating climate change.

To better understand the potential impact of Corbion's own business activities on biodiversity and to demonstrate our commitment to address these, we also joined the Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) corporate engagement program. Within this program, we work with other stakeholders to co-create methods and tools for integrated target setting, in line with the best available science.

We preserve what matters

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