Biotechnology landscape

Meeting tomorrow's needs today.

The world now has a population of 7.6 billion - and it continues to rise at a rapid pace.

As the number of people increases, a key challenge is ensuring our activities on the planet are sustainable enough to meet the growing demands of everyone.

Global themes such as reducing our environmental footprint, using cleaner energy and less of it, combatting debilitating and rare diseases, and providing food security have led many to seek alternative solutions.


Possibilities abound

We truly believe that biotechnology has the potential to change the world - and the outlook is exciting. At Corbion, we use biotechnology to help forward-thinking companies prepare for and meet the planet's most important challenges - enabling us to achieve a more sustainable future. We partner with like-minded organizations, championing the awareness of climate-neutral formulations and educating others on the benefits of more sustainable technologies over current methods. Focusing on food ingredients and biochemicals, we use processes such as fermentation to create safe solutions that will have a positive long-term impact on industry, governments, and society.


Waste not, want not

Providing food security to a growing population, while also reducing the amount of food waste, is integral to ensuring a sustainable future for the planet. Food waste, like sugar, starch, or other next generation carbohydrates can be used to produce further biobased products, and we are pioneering the use of such sources. Food security and deforestation issues can be addressed by finding new, highly efficient sources of fats and oils, such as in micro algae. Harnessing the power of biotechnology, these renewable resources are a more sustainable alternative to fossil and oil-based materials for plastics, coatings, and agrochemicals among other end uses. It's an ongoing process that we are driven to continually improve. We make sure we keep good company, working with partners with complementary technologies or capabilities means that we can help each other to create new solutions and more efficient processes. Biotechnology is the future. Through our innovation platforms, together we can help improve the quality of life of the global population - creating a cleaner, safer future, both for today and tomorrow.


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