Enabling optimal biopesticide efficacy.

PURASOLV® BL is an OMRI listed green solvent for plant extract formulations.

It allows formulators to avoid time-consuming paperwork and unseen hurdles during the organic certification process.

New biological pesticides are being developed with enhanced activity, strong environmental credentials and the highest safety standards. When creating a new biopesticide, optimal performance is critical. Special attention should be paid to the use of formulation ingredients that improve the stability and efficacy of the biopesticide product. Similarly, it is essential that cost-competitiveness is not compromised by the use of organic ingredients. PURASOLV BL addresses all these concerns and meets formulators’ diverse requirements.


PURASOLV performance from formulation to the field:



In formulation - Butyl lactate offers effective solvency capabilities, even with lipophilic ingredients such as neem oil and essential oils. This improves both formulation stability and shelf life.




 For farmers - When added to water, PURSAOLV BL improves blooming. This facilitates a homogeneous tank mix. As part of an optimized system, butyl lactate also improves and stabilizes the emulsion in the tank mix, making your pesticide products both consistent and user-friendly.




 In the field - Adding PURASOLV BL in formulation slightly reduces the product’s surface tension. This improves the wetting of the leaves and ultimately the field performance of your crop protection product.


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