Lactic acid for biobased cleaning

Lactic acid was one of the earliest antibacterial substances to be used by humans, being a product of natural fermentation.

Today, Corbion – the global leader in lactic acid production and application – harnesses this natural power in an array of biodegradable antimicrobial and sanitizing cleaning solutions.

Transforming cleaning solutions

At Corbion, we help manufacturers create safe, sustainable products that are cost-effective and more natural. Whether the customer's focus is on antimicrobial and descaling solutions, or solvents and buffers, our solutions are helping to transform cleaning products.

Formulators are finding out that our lactic acid-based antimicrobial and sanitizing agents deliver a lot more than the "greener" ingredient label consumers are looking for.


Powerful antimicrobial effect

Our flagship antimicrobial agent – PURAC® Sanilac – provides significant sanitizing efficacy in a single ingredient. Offering dual antibacterial and antiviral action, it makes an ideal choice for a wide variety of cleaning products, from detergents to surface cleaners. Readily biodegradable and non-toxic to both people and planet, PURAC® Sanilac has a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status and is a safe alternative to many traditional biocides.

To learn more about PURAC® Sanilac, download our brochure.


Descaling and soap scum removal

Lactic acids can also help optimize detergents as well. Our PURAC® 88T lactic acid-based agent is an outstanding soap scum remover, owing to its small molecule size, favorable pKa value, and good water solubility. It compares well to a wide range of substrates and can be used across numerous applications, combining multiple cleaning benefits in a single ingredient.


Biobased solvency

For replacement of organic and halogenated solvents in industrial and consumer applications, Corbion's PURASOLV® ethyl lactate-based ingredients provide safe, sustainable, and effective solvency combined with powerful cleaning and degreasing power.

In addition to being compatible with a wide range of substrates, PURASOLV is also recyclable. As clear, colorless liquids with a mild odor, PURASOLV® ingredients can provide the functional potency needed in industrial cleaners, wipes, paint strippers, and hand degreasers.


Effective buffering

Lactic acid-based ingredients also make excellent biobased buffers, helping to reduce the pH of cleaning products, thereby maintaining their quality, stability, and shelf life. Although they are ideally suited for detergents with a pH lower than five, products in Corbion's portfolio can be used in all types of formulations, from anionic to nonionic.

To learn more, download our formulation guidelines for disinfectant surface spray and all-purpose disinfectant cleaner.

If you'd like to experience, firsthand, the cleaning power our solutions can bring to your formulations, you can also request a sample.

Lactic acid for biobased cleaning

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