Lactic acid for effective, sustainable textile and leather production

Consumer demand is placing greater pressure on leather and textile production to be as high quality, sustainable, and cost-effective as possible.

The solution? Biobased lactic acids for leather and textiles.

A safe and sustainable alternative

Our biobased lactic acid range, PURAC®, is produced by fermenting carbohydrates (sugar) and is widely used as a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional materials in leather production, as well as textile dyeing and finishing.

It enables pH regulation and metal sequestration across a wide range of chemical applications.

In leather, PURAC® boosts the deliming process – saving cost while increasing effectiveness and safety.


The benefits of lactic acid for leather

With PURAC®, you can gradually reduce the pH of solutions to enhance intact hide tissue and deliver excellent leather properties. The outstanding solubility of the calcium lactate – formed from lime and lactic acid – also enables lime to be removed quickly and easily with no unwanted deposits left behind. The result is softer but strong leather with a finer grain structure.

Or for a different look and feel, you can also create a thick, full substance hide, as PURAC® penetrates quickly into hide tissue. How? Faster deliming opens up the grain and enables other additives to penetrate more easily.

Plus, thanks to its excellent health, environment, and safety properties, our PURAC® lactic acid helps you control costs in the production process – and in waste disposal. There are no nitrogen-containing compounds or vapors to worry about – and it's low odor. It's an environmentally and toxicologically safe alternative to deliming agents like ammonium sulfate and ammonium chloride.


Lactic acid for textiles: effective but sustainable

Acetic acid is widely used in textiles, but its volatility and long-term pH shift can cause vapors and irritation in open - often hot - dye baths or damp rooms.

As a "heavy" acid with a low volatility and mild scent, our PURAC® lactic acid provides a safe, effective alternative to acetic acid in textile applications. When lactic acid is used in textiles, it neutralizes several components in dyestuffs, where an acid medium is needed to fix colors and achieve high resolution. Lactic acids also act as chrome-level effluent controls in mordant dyeing processes, enabling higher dye yields.

Lactic acid has strong environmental credentials as it is produced from renewable resources, with a high biobased content and biodegradable properties. This solution can also reduce chrome effluent concentration and is classed as toxicologically and environmentally safe.

Ultimately, PURAC® lactic acid for textiles and leather provides peace of mind. Get in touch today to know more.

Lactic acid for effective, sustainable leather and textile production

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