Anti-aging skincare solutions

The anti-aging skincare market is growing at a rapid pace, and with that comes greater need for natural, high-performance ingredients. 

Corbion's lactic acid and lactate ingredients respond to that need, helping you create products that stand out from the crowd.

Delivering value

Our lactic-acid based solutions deliver value in anti-aging formulations by stimulating exfoliation and cell renewal, and increasing dermal and epidermal thickness. Being both natural and highly effective, our biobased ingredients are also affordable and multi-functional across a wide variety of anti-aging applications, so consumers enjoy having smooth and radiant, younger-looking skin, as well as peace of mind from knowing their skin product is eminently safe.


Combining nature and cutting-edge technology

Nature has inspired some of the personal care industry's most effective anti-aging solutions. Derived from lactic acid and produced via natural fermentation and vegetable fatty acids, Corbion's family of L-lactic acids offers lower irritation potential and a higher therapeutic index than synthetic lactic acid and glycolic acid, making these solutions ideal for anti-aging formulations.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are well-known for their moisturizing, exfoliating, cell-renewal, and anti-wrinkle benefits. L-lactic acid is often referred to as "nature's AHA," and for good reason; like so many things provided by nature, it is simple and effective.

Our lactic acids have been extensively tried, tested, and used extensively in anti-aging treatments for decades; yet they remain some of the most cost-effective, anti-aging active ingredients available today, and because they are derived from nature, they also meet consumer expectations for simpler, more understandable labeling on their personal care products.


Achieving radiant, brighter skin

Corbion's lactic acid-based ingredients deliver multiple benefits in anti-aging applications:

  • In addition to stimulating exfoliation and cell renewal, helping to reveal smoother, younger looking skin, L-lactic acid can also facilitate the dispersal of pigment in the skin, which reduces the appearance of age spots and overall photo damage

  • Increasing dermal and epidermal thickness results in skin being firmer, with fewer fine lines and wrinkles

  • Excellent moisturization helps achieve a smoother, "plumped up" appearance


Even sensitive skin benefits

Our ingredients offer efficacy and benefits even in products formulated for sensitive skin. For consumers with a sensitivity to higher concentrations of lactic acid, like those found in our PURAC® HiPure 90 and PURAC® UltraPure ingredients, amphoteric hydroxy acid complexes can be formed by combining these products with amino acids such as arginine. Doing so decreases irritation potential without compromising anti-aging efficacy.

We also created our PURAC® BF/41 ingredient especially for formulating at a slightly higher pH, which reduces the irritation potential of lactic acid-based ingredients and also ensures optimal cell renewal and moisturization.

Regardless of the formulation type, pH level, concentration, or other parameters of your product, Corbion's lactic acid-based solutions can deliver the anti-aging benefits your customers want and expect.

Learn more about how lactic acids can enhance your anti-aging formulations by contacting us.

Future-proofing anti-aging skincare products with lactic acids and lactates

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