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The perennially popular cheese category, valued at $157 billion in 2020*, is expected to reach a value of $200 billion by 2040.

For makers of cheese products, opportunities to tap into high consumer demand continue to unfold for all types of cheeses – from delicious and mild soft and cream cheeses to strong hard cheeses - as well as processed cheese and powdered cheese sauces.

With so many different types of cheese on the market, each involving its own specific components and processes, Corbion has developed a range of ingredient solutions to meet your acidification, preservation, and coagulation needs. Our biobased PURAC® portfolio of lactic acid-based solutions is specifically formulated to help you create quality dairy products that taste great, look great, and stay fresh longer. 


Enhancing taste and stability in fresh cheeses

We offer milk acidification solutions within our PURAC® range that can be added to milk during the initial stages of cheese making. This means a natural pH reduction helps you create a final product that maintains its mild, pleasant flavor.

PURAC® can also be added to the whey of ricotta cheese to prevent coagulation. By changing the protein structure created through coagulation of the albumin and globulin, this solution achieves a desirable texture and a natural dairy flavor.

Adding our PURAC® 80 liquid to mozzarella brine can help preserve your cheese’s freshness, softness, and elasticity. This, along with its ability to preserve color and lightness, makes it a value-enhancing addition to your fresh cheese recipe that will help ensure your product delights the senses.

Speaking of preservation, we also offer Verdad® F95, an ingredient containing a high percentage of organic acid salts, predominantly propionate. When applied directly to cheeses – either on the surface of foil-ripened products or underneath the coating layer of naturally ripened hard or semi-hard cheeses – this natural preserver helps you control yeast and mold growth.


Innovative solutions for processed cheese products

There are many ways to use our PURAC® Powder to enhance your cheese product. This naturally derived lactic acid solution is formulated to enhance flavor and create creamy texture in a wide range of applications, from dry cheese sauces to cheesy snack seasonings. And it’s not only flavor you can improve; PURAC® Powder can also help you use less cheese powder in your product, reducing costs and streamlining manufacturing without losing a rich dairy flavor.

From brie to bleu, cottage to cheddar, sauces to slices, we love cheeses. Whether your specialty is fresh or processed cheeses, you can trust in Corbion to help you achieve taste, texture, and shelf life that will keep your customers coming back for more. Get in touch with us today.

* Source: Allied Market Research - Cheese Market: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast 2021–2030

Cheese ingredients and solutions

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