Solutions for plant-based meat substitutes

More and more consumers around the world are embracing plant-based, protein-rich food products, many of them presented in the form of meat analogs. Growth rates for meat alternatives have accelerated in recent years within the food service and retail sectors. Today, Euromonitor International forecasts that the retail value of meat substitutes will increase 15.9% from 2021-2025, compared to 4.0% for processed meats. The market, valued at USD 4.3 billion in 2020, will reach USD 8.3 billion by 2025, according to estimates by MarketsandMarkets.

As plant-based protein products grow in popularity and the category matures, providing adequate product shelf life and product quality has become a greater challenge. Plant-based protein sources typically have higher pH values than meat protein, making finished products more susceptible to microbial outgrowth and pathogenic threats such as Listeria monocytogenes.

Overcoming these challenges requires a robust preservation system in which different hurdles like pH, Aw, processing, packaging, and presence of antimicrobial ingredients work together to provide desired shelf life. Corbion is here to help provide your solutions.


Protecting quality and your customers

We have characterized numerous plant-based protein products in order to model the shelf life and pathogen control performance of specific ingredients. Solutions originally created for meat applications have demonstrated value and efficacy in plant-based protein products, addressing multiple factors that affect food safety and freshness (shelf life). We can help you overcome a range of preservation systems and other formulation challenges, including: 

  • Spoilage and pathogen control 
    Naturally derived solutions such as Verdad® Powder N20 provide shelf life extension and lower sodium contribution. Verdad N64 provides excellent protection against Listeria and Clostridium, in addition to controlling mold and other threats to product shelf life, while adding little sodium to a formulation. 

  • Flavor optimization and acidification
    Corbion’s Purac® Fit Plus 90 and Purac Powder 60 offer excellent acidification to enhance flavors -- a key purchase driver for alt meat buyers -- while helping to control product pH.

  • Sodium reduction solutions
    Our Verdad® Opti Powder N450 is an outstanding powder vinegar blend that contributes only trace amounts of sodium for a formula while protecting against Listeria and providing natural flavor benefits.

  • Freshness solutions
    The Origin™ range of antioxidant solutions helps protect key freshness indicators in your plant-based meat substitutes. Origin™ Powder AC34 delays the oxidative process, so 'fresh' coloring remains stable longer, and our Origin™ Powder R02 provides both color stabilization and Clostridium protection.

    Our Verdad® Opti Powder N80 helps you clear a number of formulation hurdles, including Listeria control, shelf life extension, protection against Clostridium, and mold and yeast inhibition, while at the same time providing a lower sodium contribution compared to other market solutions.

Solutions for plant-based meat substitutes

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