Ingredient solutions for fresh meats and poultry

Fresh meats come in many forms, as do threats to their integrity in terms of food safety, freshness, and quality. Producers' businesses depend on being able to furnish their customers with products that are lean, tender, juicy, and flavorful, with the appealing color and aroma of freshness, and minimal additives or chemical-sounding ingredients.

Fresh meat products may include:

  • Raw poultry parts/cuts

  • Uncooked links, patties, and sausages

  • Raw and uncooked pork cuts

  • Uncooked roasts, steaks, tenderloins

  • And many more options

Key concerns with fresh meats are that they be:

  • Pathogen-free

  • Resistant to spoilage

  • Easy and convenient to prepare

  • Made using consumer-friendly ingredients

  • Cost-effective, offering quality, and value

Consumer expectations of fresh meat products are high, but so are the stakes. These days, news of negative food safety events travels at incredible speed, thanks to social media networks, often causing devastating losses of consumer trust and brand value. That's why Corbion leverages its 80+ years of expertise in pathogen control and preservation to help processors protect their products and their customers.


Purac® protects your brand at harvest

In freshly harvested meats, primary pathogenic concerns include E.coli (mainly in fresh beef), Salmonella (in fresh chicken, and sometimes in beef and pork), Campylobacter,and Shigella. Corbion's Purac FCC can be sprayed (or misted) directly on meat surfaces - whether carcasses, cuts, or trims - to effectively reduce microbial loads of both pathogens and spoilage bacteria.


Origin™ by Corbion: Keep fresh meats fresh longer

Our Origin Powder RO2, a potent powdered rosemary extract, offers a higher active content and less flavor impact. RO2 can be your key to maintaining fresh coloring and extending the shelf life of your product. Ground meats (e.g., beef and turkey) can retain their fresh color for days longer while adding only one simple, understandable ingredient to your product label.


Verdad® protects your product and your brand

Corbion's extensive Verdad® portfolio offers a range of solutions, including Verdad Ferments, Verdad Vinegars, and Verdad Avanta blends, designed to help you preserve and defend your fresh meat products using naturally derived ingredients.

Declared simply as vinegar, cultured sugar, or cultured dextrose on your ingredient list, Verdad solutions respond to consumers' desire to feel they understand what's in the foods they eat. These ingredients enable you to meet that demand without compromising food safety, product shelf life, sensory appeal (tenderness, flavor, and more), or your ability to reduce sodium content. Verdad offers simple solutions to your complex preservation needs.


Purasal® for shelf life and performance

Our time-tested Purasal family of lactates can help extend your product's shelf life by as much as 100 percent while enhancing other aspects of product performance. These solutions inhibit the growth of spoilage organisms by lowering water activity and disrupting bacterial metabolism. Purasal ingredients safeguard your customers and your brand while controlling purge and providing higher yields.


Ingredient solutions for fresh meats and poultry

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