Pet food solutions

Pets are precious, valued family members, and their pet parents want the best for them. For many these days, that means finding foods made with naturally derived ingredients for their dogs and cats.

Ingredient selection has a tremendous impact on the safety, texture, uniformity, extrudability, nutritional quality, and, ultimately, the economic viability of your pet food product. When you partner with Corbion, you gain access to the expertise you need to accomplish your product goals. Whether your challenge is controlling Salmonella, inhibiting mold, finding effective natural alternatives, improving product release, or creating a specific nutritional profile, the Corbion team can help you implement the optimal ingredient solution for meeting your needs and earning pet owners' loyalty and trust.


Science-backed solutions

Behind every solution we provide is an ongoing dedication to rigorous R&D, advanced formulation expertise and highly experienced technical service and support.

Our knowledge and product portfolio help address any challenges you face in these applications:

  • Treats
    Our natural ingredient solutions help you create products with labels consumers understand, even in treats and indulgent products for cats and dogs. In an accelerated study, Corbion's Certeza™ solution was proven to rival the effectiveness of potassium sorbate for inhibiting mold in a high-moisture pet treat, which enables manufacturers to confidently shorten drying times, expand moisture levels, and improve finished product texture – all while creating a simpler, more consumer-friendly ingredient list.

  • Dry Foods
    Formulated for effective, cost-efficient pathogen control in pet foods, Certeza™ Petfood 88 is a naturally derived lactic acid solution that provides your products with Salmonella risk mitigation by reducing counts when present in post-extrusion coating materials.

  • Refrigerated Foods
    With this proprietary blend of vinegar and jasmine tea extract, Corbion can prevent the growth of pathogens and spoilage bacteria, while improving color and flavor stability in cooked, refrigerated dog food products.

Corbion vinegar and ferment blends from our Verdad® portfolio are excellent for addressing potential Listeria monogytogenes and Clostridium botulinum risks. Moreover, these natural ingredient formulations are proven to extend shelf life, giving you greater distribution flexibility and reducing product waste on shelves and in consumers' homes.

Pet food solutions

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