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When consumers indulge in a cake, donut, muffin, or Danish, they’re expecting a tasty treat. Let the thinking and capabilities of Corbion help you put a smile on the face of anybody with a sweet tooth.

SweetPro™ is our line of sweet goods emulsifiers specially designed to protect the quality of sweet goods and ensure your consumers are getting a delicious experience with your products. A solution to the ongoing challenge of delivering consistency within the more complex formulations of sweet goods, SweetPro® enhances tolerance, handling, and storage stability so that you’re able to deliver the quality your consumers are expecting.

Developed by Corbion’s team of experts, we’ve taken our application knowledge to create a line of emulsifiers that ensure the quality we’d expect in the baked sweet goods we all enjoy. After all, we love to indulge in a mouthwatering piece of cake as much as anybody.

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