PURASOLV® Solvents

Green solvents for safer products with superior performance

Our PURASOLV® solvents are lactate esters, which are derivatives of lactic acid. By adhering to the world's most rigorous quality standards, PURASOLV® solvents are exceptionally well-suited for numerous industries, from the microelectronics to coatings and the personal care industry.

Combining robust sustainability credentials with outstanding safety and performance, they deliver results in even the most exacting of applications.



Equipped with outstanding safety and performance, PURASOLV® solvents are a biobased alternative that deliver results in even the most demanding of applications. These solvents can guarantee: 

  • Safety for plants, people and the environment 
  • Excellent solvency power
  • Low(eco-)toxicity
  • Compliance with regulatory changes
  • Expansion of your solvent toolkit 
  • Global supply chain security


Discover our PURASOLV® solvent portfolio:

PURASOLV® ML    Methyl Lactate
PURASOLV® EL  Ethyl Lactate
PURASOLV® NPL  n-Propyl Lactate
PURASOLV® BL  Butyl Lactate
PURASOLV® EHL  2-Ethylhexyl Lactate


Diversification of application

PURASOLV®  solvents be used in a wide range of applications, including:


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