The natural animal feed.

CALFEED is our family of feed grade natural lactic acid and calcium, ideal for boosting nutrition in farm animals.

If you’re looking for a dry lactic acid source to boost feed intake for both swine (especially piglets) or poultry, our CALFEED is the ideal solution.

This feed grade calcium lactate is produced to support performance: This highly soluble calcium salt is produced by fermentation from sugar, and supplies energy to living cells.

In particular the lactate in calcium lactate is a nutrient for the gastro intestinal wall: The calcium is easily absorbed and available for use in the body (calcium lactate easily dissociates, releasing free calcium ions for absorption in the gastro intestinal tract).


The calcium in calcium lactate has the same bioavailability as that found in milk (Levenson et. Al). CALFEED has an acidic taste that animals enjoy and comes in a cream-colored, non-hygroscopic powder.

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