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The PURAC® range of lactic acid and acid blends helps you reduce the effects of sugar inversion in the continuous depositing process by buffering to a specific pH.

The result: enhanced product stability and optimum sourness.

Liquid PURAC solutions help you achieve perfect gel strength in soft confectionery, particularly when acidity is required. Regular acids can destroy the firmness of your product. But PURAC let's you create firmer gels with the same, or greater, perceived sourness level by buffering to controlled pH levels.

For acid-sanded confectionery, our PURAC® powders deliver a clean, long-lasting sour taste while keeping your product dry and attractive. And because they aren’t coated with fat, our powders also provide a fresh mouthfeel and extended sourness in confectionery.

Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help you achieve the consistency and long-lasting quality you want in your confectionery application.

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