PURAC® Powder

For confectionery products.

Providing instant sourness and exceptional shelf stability is what Corbion’s PURAC® Powders are all about.

They help keep your product dry and appealing, even when heat and humidity levels are high.

Our PURAC® Powder range helps you create acid-sanded candies with:

  • Excellent product stability in challenging conditions
  • Quick-releasing, long-lasting sour flavors
  • Intense flavor and texture sensations consumers love
  • Superior powder flowability for uniform distribution and minimal dustiness
  • Broader geographical reach

Our lactic acid powders, PURAC® Powder 55 and PURAC® Powder 60, offer low moisture absorption to protect against stickiness, and low acid migration to prevent loss of sourness.

In more humid climates, our patented, malic acid-based PURAC® Powder MA provides extremely low hygroscopicity and greater stability, with a unique, oil-free coating that delivers a perfect acidity profile and a fresh, clean mouthfeel. 

Our PURAC® line of buffered lactic acids can also help you overcome other common confectionery challenges with natural solutions that allow you to minimize sugar inversion and stickiness in hard candy, and prevent gelatin degradation in soft candy.

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