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Consumer needs and expectations are growing increasingly complex, as individuals make purchase decisions in line with their personal definition of “a healthy diet.” Still, even if their approach dictates particular trade-offs or sacrifices in terms of nutritional makeup or product ingredients, very few shoppers are willing to compromise on taste.

People are attracted to products with exciting and memorable flavor profiles. Unfortunately, if they also require products with lower sodium content, they often find that sodium reduction ingredients can leave a lingering or unpleasant aftertaste. At Corbion, we’ve used our expertise in lactic acid and other fermented ingredients to develop strategies for enhancing savory tastes naturally – even in low- and no-salt formulations.

Our portfolio of lactic acids and lactates, vinegars, natural flavors and fermented sugars provide highly effective ways to boost flavor and reduce sodium.


A better way to the best flavors

Corbion’s PURAC® lactic acid and PURAC® Powders provide highly effective tools for flavor management. In dairy applications, they boost cheesy flavors, which lets you reduce or replace cheese powders, thereby lowering your formulation costs. 

The PURAC range also enhances tomato, onion, soy, hot pepper, chili, and ginger flavors. So it’s ideal for use in sauces, dressings, condiments and chilled foods, too, where dependence on more expensive ingredients like chicken or beef extracts can be reduced.


Cut salt, but preserve taste

Corbion improves low-sodium formulations with ingredients like our PuraQ® Arome NA4, a natural flavoring produced via fermentation of carefully selected food cultures and natural substrates. Acting as a building block to restore taste profiles, PuraQ® Arome NA4 enables manufacturers to cut salt levels by as much as 40 percent, making it possible to deliver an optimal sensory experience without using expensive or artificial taste enhancers. 

Our sodium reduction ingredients help control water activity and achieve a salty, umami taste in products like sausages, deli meats and seafood. PuraQ® Arome NA4, for example, highlights savory attributes, enhancing meaty, brothy, spicy and salty notes so that replacing sodium doesn’t have to mean surrendering flavor.


With Corbion, you can have it all

Corbion’s natural flavor enhancers eliminate the need to choose between taste and a healthier nutritional profile in savory foods. Our naturally derived PURAC® and PuraQ® Arome solutions preserve a range of flavor profiles while reducing costs for manufacturers and sodium intake for consumers.

To discuss how our flavor management or sodium reduction solutions can enhance your next new product, get in touch with a Corbion expert today. 

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Natural flavor enhancers for savory food

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