Functional systems for food


Getting more from the ingredients you buy … reaping synergistic benefits that help you respond quickly and effectively to the latest market trends … leveraging built-in food science expertise … all are part of the competitive advantage that functional systems from Corbion give food manufacturers. Our deep application understanding, formulation capabilities, and ingredient knowledge come together in the wide range of functional systems for food we provide.


The evolving marketplace

For food and beverage makers, market demands and consumer preferences are moving targets. Today, consumers are better informed and more intentional in their shopping behaviors than ever … and the list of attributes they want and expect in the foods they buy has never been longer. They want products that satisfy their appetite for on-trend deliciousness, and that support their goals for improved health and well-being. They often want those same products to be made with simple, understandable ingredients, and they’d like to know that they have been sustainably produced.

At the same time, manufacturers feel the pressure to deliver on those demands with greater efficiency in increasingly complex value chains. And finding ways to extend product shelf-life a little further not only meet consumer demands for reduced food waste, but it also improves cost structures, makes possible greater warehousing efficiency and increases supply chain flexibility. 

That’s a lot for manufacturers to consider, let alone to achieve – which is where Corbion functional systems come in.


Technical engines 

Our innovative technical engines – grounded in four keys areas of expertise – enable our customers to innovate, differentiate and implement customized solutions more effectively. They include:


  • Access to worldwide enzyme technologies
  • Researching synergies between enzymes 
  • Creating game-changing technology



  • Emulsifier synthesis
  • Formulation and process optimization
  • Bakery and food application science 



  • Optimizing texture and strength
  • Synergizing scale between dairy and bakery 



  • Label-friendly mold inhibition
  • Natural organic acids for pH control
  • Flavor enhancement 

These engines, combined with our application know-how, blending expertise, ingredient functionalities, and real-world product experience, enable you to respond quickly and effectively to shifting market dynamics.


A blend of benefits  

Corbion specializes in dry, liquid and dispersion ingredient blending, and we are well-equipped to handle heat-sensitive ingredients. 

We can help you:

  • Enhance and protect freshness with Ultra Fresh
  • Improve taste and texture in acid-sanded confectionery 
  • Enhance yield and quality in meat products with Verdad® Avanta
  • Improve tolerance and consistency in baked goods with Pristine and other dough improvers


Our added-value functional blends for food deliver multiple benefits:

  • Differentiation and maximum performance 
  • Consistent quality in finished goods
  • Ease of use and accurate dosing
  • Manufacturing efficiency (low waste production)
  • Multifunctional efficacy in a single solution



We’re evolving too

As in all aspects of our business at Corbion, we’re always looking for ways to improve and extend our offerings in functional blends. To further extend our portfolio and geographical reach, we are looking to:

  • Expand our dough strengthening/stabilizing building blocks
  • Strengthen our portfolio of enzyme blends 
  • Offer stabilizer systems in more categories, such as dairy 
  • Broaden our portfolio sourness and stability solutions for confectionery
  • Open more regional application centers
  • Boost our blending capabilities worldwide

To find out more about our multifunctional food ingredients, connect with a Corbion expert.

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