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Our GLUCONAL® ZN (zinc gluconate) and PURAMEX® ZN (zinc lactate) help maintain sebum control and boost the performance of anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss applications naturally.

Sebum is essential for lubricating the hair, keeping skin supple, and maintaining the protective acid mantle of the skin. But as we know, too much sebum can cause oily skin and dandruff. 

Zinc salts like GLUCONAL ZN reduce the sebum levels by inhibiting the enzymes that cause dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – with benefits that include reducing oily skin, tackling dandruff (caused by increased fungi that thrive on excess sebum), and also potentially combating hair loss, especially for those in Asia and South America. 

In all, it’s a natural and effective way to boost your hair care applications.


What are the benefits of GLUCONAL ® ZN?

  • Sebum control

  • Anti-dandruff properties


What are the benefits of PURAMEX® ZN?

  • A readily available zinc source

  • Sebum control & moisturizing

  • Neutral tasting zinc source for oral care

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