PURAC® UltraPure

Nature's purest choice

PURAC® UltraPure Lactic Acid is a novel, low odor, and colorless ultra-pure grade of natural Lactic Acid. It is a versatile ingredient, with effects ranging from hydration to anti-aging. Its action can be tuned by adjusting the use level and the pH of the product formulation.

The anti-aging effects of PURAC® UltraPure derive from its ability to stimulate exfoliation and cell renewal, moisturize, and increase dermal and epidermal thickness. UltraPure Lactic Acid stimulates exfoliation of the Stratum Corneum. It also stimulates cell renewal in the skin’s epidermis. Through exfoliation and stimulation of cell renewal in these layers, smoother, younger looking skin is revealed. The removal of skin pigmentation can be accelerated, promoting skin brightening and lightening. Additionally, as it increases the thickness of the epidermis and the dermis, it results in firmer skin with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

At higher pH formulations, UltraPure can be used as powerful humectant. In lactate form, it displays extremely high water-holding capacity and has shown to have a superior plasticizing effect on the Stratum Corneum. As a humectant, and key component of the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), it provides significant, reliable, and intrinsic moisturization.

Corbion’s biobased PURAC® UltraPure L-Lactic Acid is natural and can be considered ‘the body’s own Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA)’, since this form is exclusively produced by the metabolic conversion of glucose or glycogen in the body.


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Our biobased products are safe to use, effective, multifunctional – and natural. Our portfolio helps maintain a smooth, radiant, younger looking skin with stimulating exfoliation and cell renewal or increasing dermal- and epidermal thickness in anti-aging formulations.


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We offer moisturization products which are a part of the skin’s own moisturization mechanism. These high quality products providing a safe and economic alternative to many high-end, expensive ingredients, without sacrificing efficacy.

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