Oil industry

Today’s oil industry is continually under pressure to improve performance and productivity, and to reduce processing costs.

But there is just as much pressure on the sector to achieve those goals in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

Missing that mark comes at a high price – in terms of politics and brand image, not to mention potentially staggering clean-up and disposal costs.

The industry needs innovative solutions. For oil producers and their suppliers who are pressed to produce more, with greater efficiency and less environmental impact, co-creation through partnerships leveraging expansive thinking and broader expertise may be the key to future breakthroughs.

Corbion has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide variety of diverse sectors and disciplines – know-how that has frequently made a game-changing difference in our collaborations with customers and co-creators. Our expertise in solvents, descaling agents, controlled release, encapsulation, and other technologies can often provide the missing piece to the puzzle for our innovative partners.

Oil industry

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