For centuries, acidification has helped control the growth of undesirable microorganisms in foods and beverages, whether through the addition of various acidulants to lower product pH or through fermentation, which triggers a natural acidification process. Either way, acidifying food products can create an environment that’s unhospitable to bacteria, so those foods stay safe and fresh longer. Acidulants are also commonly used to achieve desired flavors in beverages, dairy products and confections.

As a global leader in the production and application of lactic acid and its derivatives, Corbion has developed a highly sophisticated ability to help manufacturers achieve their flavor and preservation goals through acidification.

We deliver the benefits of acidification in a variety of applications, including:

  • Beverages, where our acidulants help customers create delicious flavors, reduce precipitation scaling, prevent spoilage in their product and maintain its appealing color.
  • Confectionery, where our solutions help determine the character and intensity of flavor and enhance both visual and textural aspects of product shelf life.
  • Dairy, where our lactic acid solutions offer a lower pH value to help create a balanced, creamy taste while providing effective antimicrobial activity so products stay fresh and safe longer.

Discover the advantages that come with leveraging Corbion’s expertise in food and beverage acidification. Contact us for more information.


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