Corbion bakery solutions

Success in the baking industry doesn't happen by accident – it comes from understanding exactly what your customers want and delivering it consistently over time. 

Success in the baking industry doesn't happen by accident – it comes from understanding exactly what your customers want and delivering it consistently over time. Doing that means using the right ingredients in partnership with the right ingredients expert. When you choose Corbion, you not only get access to a versatile portfolio of high-quality ingredients, you also get a level of formulation expertise and support that stands out in the industry.

For more than a century, we've worked side-by-side with bakers, bringing a deep knowledge of food science and processing, an awareness of consumer and market trends, and a dedication to seeing our innovative solutions through to successful implementation. By combining complementary strengths, creativity, and experience, these collaborations lead to brand-defining marketplace wins.

Together, we identify and implement solutions that consistently result in finished products that match your requirements, so your customers know their expectations will be satisfied every time. Taste, texture, and appearance will never disappoint, so you can capture their palates and earn their trust. Equally important is our focus on processing efficiency, longer shelf life, and other factors that impact your business.


Freshness you can count on

Corbion's expertise in creating longer-lasting freshness using Ultra Fresh® enzyme solutions and cutting-edge emulsifier technologies not only gives your customers the experience they expect, it also helps you reduce the staling that leads to complaints, returns, and food waste.

Staling is not the only enemy of freshness. That's why we use our fermentation and microbiology expertise to provide a wide portfolio of mold inhibitors and pH modifiers that help protect products from mold and ensure your baked goods are enjoyed until the package is empty.


Consistent quality and performance

Variation in raw materials, climatic conditions, and even workforce skills and experience can compound the challenge of achieving the product consistency consumers demand. Our range of conventional and Pristine® label-friendly dough and batter conditioners helps give you the dough resilience and processing tolerance you need to create a product with all the same sensory qualities time after time. 

Corbion's bakery emulsifiers help you overcome a range of bakery challenges, from extrusion to crumb softening. As a key component in dough conditioners, these efficient, time-tested solutions help you achieve the snap back, resilience, pan release, hydration, aeration, and fat substitution that's perfect for your product. They help bring your products to life, keeping them moist, shelf-stable, and consistently delicious.

Corbion bakery solutions

Healthy foods, nuts, fish, vegetables, fruit.

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