Bakery blends, mixes, and bases

Corbion makes it easy for you to be sure your quality baked goods are consistently delicious.

Our decades of baking knowledge and experience have shaped the range of bakery blends, mixes, and bases we offer. As the industry's premier provider of high-quality ingredients, Corbion has long been an enabling supporter of in-store bakeries and retail establishments. We work hard to understand consumers' needs and preferences, then provide you with innovative solutions that make it easy for you to stay on trend.


Leverage our 'inside' advantage

We've built the latest bakery technology into our simple-to-use mixes, bases, and concentrates, to give you flexibility and a solid foundation for creating profitable, consistent, and irresistible baked goods. And after more than a century, we still make house calls, meeting you on the production floor - day or night - when you need us most. Our technical service staff works alongside you to tackle problems, create solutions, and, ultimately, make sure your products deliver all the qualities that make them memorably tasty.

Success in the competitive bakery industry isn't a matter of luck; it takes technical know-how, an understanding of market demands, and a commitment to delivering consistent quality. Corbion partners with its customers to combine these ingredients in ways that resonate with lovers of baked goods. Our easy-to-use blended solutions are one way we take the guesswork out of success.


Designed for today

Corbion's multidimensional solutions help you tackle today's bakery challenges:

  • Shifting Purchase Behaviors
    We help you meet growing consumer demands for convenience while maintaining product taste, texture, and quality.
  • Ingredient Focus
    We offer flexible solutions to help you deliver fresh products made with user-friendly ingredients.
  • Premiumization
    We help you define what excellence looks and tastes like in the baking industry with our range of mixes, bases, and concentrates.
  • Skilled Labor Scarcity
    Corbion's mixes and bases make it easier for your teams to turn out baked goods that are consistent in all aspects of quality. The technology we build in allows you to worry less about scaling and production errors.

Bakery blends, mixes and bases

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