Preservation solutions for bread and sweet goods

It used to be that people who shunned products with artificial preservatives had to settle for breads and rolls that often became moldy before being entirely consumed. Today, however, Corbion's naturally derived preservation solutions allow bakers to create products that stay fresh and mold-free much longer while also attracting shoppers who much prefer a simpler ingredient label.


Consumer expectations are loud and clear

Every day, consumers make it clear: They want foods with simpler labels made from understandable ingredients without giving up any part of the quality eating experience they're used to. Their favorite breads, flat breads, tortillas, and buns have to taste delicious and stay fresh all week, too. How can you give them what they want? Partner with Corbion; we've been producing solutions for food manufacturers since 1937. We'll use our proven fermentation and microbiology expertise to help you achieve the mold inhibition and pH control you need to deliver uncompromising quality and longer-lasting freshness in your baked goods without depending on unwanted ingredients.


Solutions that put nature to work

Solutions based on Corbion's Verdad and Purac lines can help you make sure your label-friendly bakery products stay fuzz-free. In fact, our market-leading shelf life extension portfolio features the widest array of simplistic mold inhibitors available.

Matching the mold-inhibiting ability of calcium propionate, Verdad MP 100 stops mold effectively without adversely affecting the flavor of the finished product. It's a solution that sets you up to give your customers exactly what they want – baked goods that are simply delicious.

Make mold inhibition a natural choice with Corbion.


Support from knowledgeable experts

Baked goods come in all shapes and sizes, and so do bakeries; no two are exactly the same. So, when you're dealing with an issue – whether it be formulation or process control – access to personalized support and customized solutions can make all the difference. Corbion's Technical Services team is on-site with customers every day, answering questions, training employees, finding innovative ways to produce consistent, superior results. Our in-house testing facilities and nationwide technical support experts also give you a competitive advantage. We know the manufacturing process is our proving ground. That's why our technical support teams are ready to help you implement our ingredient solutions to achieve maximum results every time.
Support Methods: Technical trainings, On-site implementation, Troubleshooting


Trusted supplier partnerships

In business, having suppliers you can trust is mission critical. Companies who partner with Corbion know they can trust us to work diligently with their best interests as our priority; they know they will get the value, quality, and service they count on. Our products are authenticated by carbon dating, so you know they aren't adulterated with unwanted ingredients. Every aspect of our operations is designed to advance our commitment to sustainability, whether through the management of our global supply chain, the responsible procurement of our raw materials, or the safety and well-being of our people. Corbion Unique Footprint assures differentiated risk management of supply chain while also allowing us to maintain our abilities to service accounts in different regions around the world.




Preservation solutions for bread and sweet goods

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