Nature-based beverage preservation

Solutions in Corbion's lactic acid portfolio help beverage manufacturers achieve their goals for product shelf-life extension in a more natural, label-friendly way. As the global leader in lactic acid and its derivatives, Corbion helps advance the state of the art in natural preservation solutions that improve the safety, taste, and even color of your beverage products.

Our PURAC® FIT Plus, a lactic acid with a clean and fresh flavor profile, helps you achieve longer shelf life by inhibiting the growth of Alicyclobacillus in beverages. By preventing the spores of this organism from taking hold in your juice product, our lactic acid solution prolongs the drink's freshness and integrity without compromising your customer's sensory experience.

The benefits we can deliver don't stop there. PURAC® FIT Plus can also be used to stabilize color in fruit juices by protecting the anthocyanins found in (mainly red) fruits and vegetables, which naturally fade over time. With our biobased preservation solution, you can maintain the color of your juice longer – and keep it looking and tasting its best for your customers.

Count on Corbion for effective beverage preservatives, derived from nature. Take advantage of our label-friendly solutions when you choose from the PURAC® portfolio for your next drink product. Contact us now.

Nature-based beverage preservation

Healthy foods, nuts, fish, vegetables, fruit.

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