Getting your product formulation just right is crucial to delivering the eating experience consumers crave, as well as the economic results your business depends on. It can also be a costly and time-consuming, trial-and-error loop.

Ingredient expertise can help streamline that process, which is why Corbion has developed a number of data-driven tools, calculators and predictive models that enable our customers to identify their optimal formulations in fewer iterations and get their new products to market faster.

Quickening the development and validation process saves you time and money, and helps you be more responsive to changing market dynamics. It's an important benefit of partnering with Corbion.


Corbion Natural Mold Inhibition Model

The Corbion Natural Mold Inhibition Model (CNMIM) is the baking industry’s first-ever tool for predicting time to visible mold growth in label-friendly pan breads. It lets you predict your formulation’s resistance to 11 different molds, taking into account the specific parameters of your product and process. By enabling you to quickly and confidently identify the optimal natural mold inhibition solution to reach your shelf-life targets, CNMIM helps you consistently deliver the experience your customers expect by dramatically lowering the risk of mold. That protects your brand image and gives consumers the natural-label transparency they want.
Deli sliced ham.

Corbion Listeria Control Model

The Corbion Listeria Control Model (CLCM) helps processors to develop Ready-to-Eat meat products and refrigerated foods, by predicting the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in specific food matrixes. It has been developed using a data set of over 2500 individual growth curves of statistically-designed experiments and expands upon prior models that have been used successfully for many years by both large and small meat/food companies. The applicability of a predictive growth model depends on the amount of environmental parameters taken into account. Appropriate use of the model increases the relevance of challenge studies and can aid in their design.


ELECSIS stands for "Electrolytes Stability In Solution". The Corbion ELECSIS software makes it possible to calculate the pH and stability of acid and salt solutions like beverages. The model calculates only with electrolytes, i.e. acids, bases and salts and some aw-affecting solutes e.g. sugars. The results of the calculations are equilibrium conditions. This implies that not all solubility issues that appear from the calculations turn out to be a problem, since in some cases the shelf life of the product is shorter than the time frame in which the precipitation occurs.
Corbion calculator - sourness and stability.

Corbion Sourness & Stability Calculator

The Corbion® Sourness & Stability Calculator is a calculation program to support hard candy producers providing the required sourness level while managing the pH and thereby controlling the sugar inversion of candy. Corbion Sourness & Stability Calculator (SSC) will assist you in formulating candies by performing complex (physical chemistry) calculations based on the equilibrium state of these formulations.