Confectionery fortification solutions

Partnering to help confectioners keep pace with continual change is an essential part of what we do at Corbion. While candy lovers are on the lookout for distinctively delectable, and often indulgent, tastes and textures, many are interested in treats that also offer a health-supporting component. Corbion confectionery fortification ingredients can help give your candy product that added dimension.

Whether you choose to fortify your candy with calcium, magnesium, or zinc, Corbion's all-natural lactate and gluconate minerals offer outstanding solubility and high bioavailability, allowing you to achieve high mineral content without sacrificing taste or texture. In hard or soft candies, our solutions can enhance any confectionery formulation and help you meet the growing demand for candy that supports cognitive, cardiovascular, and bone health.


Get new products to market faster with our nutritional premixes

Increasing your speed to market with Corbion's tailor-made PURAMEX®, GLUCANOL®, and NUTRIVAN®* nutritional premixes not only allows you to be more responsive to market demands, it also brings economic advantages. In fact, NUTRIVAN® saves time, avoids unforeseen formulation challenges, and helps reduce blending and R&D costs. On the whole, our nutritional premixes offer improved overall processing while keeping your inventory of raw materials to a minimum.

Talk to Corbion about how we can support your next stand-out candy innovation with high-quality fortification solutions.

*currently for US customers, under review.

Nutritional premixes

Healthy foods, nuts, fish, vegetables, fruit.

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