Freshness & shelf life

When shoppers purchase food products, they anticipate the experience of freshness they want: fresh flavors, colors, textures and aromas. Corbion ingredient solutions are designed to help manufacturers deliver the freshness consumers expect from the day their products appear on retail shelves to the day they are presented on a plate.

We focus on the details of what defines freshness in specific applications, whether that’s softness and crumb structure in baked goods; aroma, flavor and color in beverages; appealing texture and a lack of stickiness in confections; firmness, color and aroma in fruits and vegetables; pinkness and aroma in meat and poultry; smell and texture in pet foods; or flavor and mouthfeel in sauces, dressings and condiments.

Partnering with Corbion helps maximize your ability to deliver all the attributes of freshness your customers look for when choosing your product, as well as the odds that those same customers will come back for more again and again. It also contributes to improvements in waste reduction and efficiencies throughout your entire value chain.

Discover what Corbion can do to extend the freshness and shelf life of your products so your customers can count on getting the eating experience they crave. Contact us for more information.

Freshness & shelf life

Healthy foods, nuts, fish, vegetables, fruit.

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