Solutions for fresh fruits and vegetables

Keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for as long as possible is top of the priority list for our customers because it’s all-important to their customers. That is why we apply our preservation know-how and nature-based technologies to help producers tackle key issues like fruit contamination, shelf life extension, and pathogen control using lactic acid-based solutions.

Our innovative flagship product, PURAC® lactic acid, provides effective decontamination and prevents the effects of spoilage, including changes in color, enzymatic browning, and impacts to taste or texture.  
From the harvest to retail displays, Corbion ingredients help maintain an optimum level of natural microbes, safeguarding your products to ensure that the fruits and vegetables on your customer’s plate meet their expectations for freshness and tastiness.  
Learn more about how our fruit and vegetable preservation ingredients can help you extend the shelf life of your produce and avoid product waste. Speak to someone on the Corbion team about your goals today.

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Solutions for fresh fruits and vegetables

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