Texture improvement for fruits and vegetables

Historically, most solutions for enhancing the texture of fresh produce have been based on chemicals like calcium chloride, which can help maintain the pectin structure within fruits and vegetables. 

These chemicals, however, come with certain disadvantages; they can impact the taste of the product, and many consumers are resisting such synthetic solutions and favoring more natural alternatives. 

Corbion’s highly soluble calcium lactate solutions provide a natural way to improve the texture of fruits and vegetables, boosting firmness and extending shelf life without altering product flavor. Whether your products are sold fresh, canned, or further processed, our biobased solutions can help you firm up produce like tomatoes, potatoes, gherkins, and strawberries. 

Make a start by getting in touch and let us tell you more about our natural solutions for improving the texture of your fruits and vegetables. 

Texture improvement for fruits and vegetables

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